ABC & SBS Funding

Version 2015-05-22
Status 25th Feb, 2015 - Endorsed by National Interim Exec.
Status 22nd May, 2015 - Endorsed by the membership.

Restore and expand (where necessary) funding to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and Special Broadcasting Service (SBS):

  • Allow the broadcasters to fulfill their charter.
  • Indexation that reflects the costs as well as adoption of emerging technologies.

Support the funding of high quality content broadcast free to Australians and oppose the expansion of advertising or commercial influence:

  • Remove advertising on the SBS.
  • Build up in-house capability to achieve critical mass/competency centres to produce:
    • Educational programs.
    • Support cultural and regional diversity.
    • Specialist programming.
    • Programming supportive of communicating the national character locally and overseas.

Adequately fund maintenance or creation of necessary infrastructure (digital and physical broadcast) to ensure the ABC & SBS have adequate capability/capacity to meet their charters:

  • Digital channels/online
  • Radio - Urban and Regional
  • Overseas.

The funding and contract for the Australia Network (the international television broadcasting function) should be restored to the ABC.

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