The Australian Progressives believe in the advancement of an empathetic society - one in which all citizens of this country can reach their full potential and find fulfilment in their lives within a thriving environment. We want to be a government with the guts to advance society through laws, services and infrastructure, rather than gambling on the off-chance that “the free market” will look after everyone and everything. Government and communities should work together to develop creative, passionate and driven individuals who can improve the world around them, embracing education, technology, science, culture and global leadership.


Policy, as it should be

Australian Progressive policy is developed based on:

  • evidence
  • research
  • strong and ethical social values
  • and with the contribution of our members

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Endorsed Policies

The following policies have been endorsed by our executive.


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Public Dental Healthcare

Public Dental Healthcare
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ABC/SBS funding

ABC/SBS funding
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About policy

Our policy is community-driven and evidence-based. Your input and feedback are always welcome. Policy is open to change as new evidence appears.

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The Australian Progressives are ready to respond to community dissatisfaction with politics and politicians. We’re ready to replace the culture of greed, self-interest and scorn for the public with empathy, genuine consultation and evidence-based policy. We’re ready to listen to you and respond to your needs. We won’t talk down to you. We will make the big decisions needed to take us to a better place in the future. We don’t think in 3-year terms. We think in generational terms. Join us now.

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Redefining policy: more than just words

At the Australian Progressives we have redefined what it is to create policy. Read now.

Redefining policy: more than just words

First National Conference and AGM - 21st May

"creating the future we want, together"

Do you want to live in a country you can be proud of, with leaders you respect and who inspire you? Are you looking for like-minded people to share your ideas with? The Australian Progressives are holding their First National Conference on Saturday 21st May 2016, in Sydney NSW. This year’s Conference theme is “creating the future we want, together”. During the day-long program delegates will hear from inspiring speakers, participate in workshops designed to develop their leadership skills & challenge their ideas, and share their progressive ideas and dreams with each other. Join us at our first National Conference.

Help us create a better Australia.

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